Please park responsibly…

Please make sure safety is high priority when parking near our school. We have received a letter regarding parking from a local resident, see below. Please help us ensure we keep our children, and neighbours, safe:

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a resident of Church Road I am noticing that especially on bad weather days like today, parents are parking directly outside the school gates on both sides of the road to drop their children off which is causing traffic problems for those of us trying to get through to work as it is proving tight to get through and are not really concentrating on things around them, as in fact I nearly collided with one person who decided to pull out from her parked position, just as I was overtaking her.

The parking and inconsideration in general of using people’s drives to turn around has been pretty bad, but I am concerned that on top of this, should an ambulance need to get through, they would struggle and it would be delayed. As I think also delivery vans would have difficulties and I would think could cause damage to the parked vehicles.

Sometimes even at lunch time, when you have events on at the school the parking situation is very inconsiderate.

I do not know if this can be improved by possibly allowing parking within the school grounds itself or just please informing the parents by letter to please be considerate of the way they park and of the residents that live in the road.

I would appreciate a response to my letter and hope you understand my concerns especially regarding ambulance access.

Thank you

Kind Regards