Back on Thursday 3rd September 2020

Thank you for your support during this very strange year.

As always, we are pleased and proud to serve the Three Legged Cross community.

Have a restful summer. Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us.

Take care, stay safe and keep well.

We will see Year 1 to 4 back on Thursday 3rd September 2020 at the following times:

Year 1 8.30 am to 2.30 pm

Year 2 8.35 am to 2.35 pm

Year 3 8.40 am to 2.40 pm

Year 4 8.45 am to 2.45 pm.

Reception and Nursery start on Monday 7th September 2020 along with breakfast club, (from 7.30 am and after school until 5.00 pm). Timings for our Early Years classes are:

Reception 8.20 am to 2.20 pm

Nursery 8.50 am to 2.50 pm.

All the best to our current Year 4 learners. Be the best you can be as you move on your learning journey.
See you soon,

Justine, Clare, Alice, Steph, Alex, Nicky C, Anna M, Lorna, David, Anna B, Karen, Eimher, Nicky O,Debbie, Debs, Emma B, Linda, Emma R, Sarah, Nicki and Mike.