Our revised Zoom learning rules

A quick reminder of our Zoom learning rules. Please follow them so everyone has a fair chance of getting the best from the online learning sessions.

  • Make sure you are ready to log in at your time so we can begin learning promptly. 
  • Wear your normal home clothes (no pyjamas please!)
  • Keep your microphone muted unless the teacher asks you to unmute.
  • Have your writing things ready.
  • Listen carefully to any instructions.
  • An adult should be nearby but shouldn’t be part of your lesson.
  • In the interests of our children’s privacy, please do not record or screen shot the sessions.
  • Eat your breakfast or snack before the lesson, not during it, so you fully focus on your learning. 
  • Play with your pets and toys at other times, not during the lesson, so you can fully focus.
  • Please use your name, so your teacher knows who you are. We won’t let strangers in!
  • Remember your learning, perseverance, and manners!