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It is in everyone’s interest that concerns and complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Many issues can be resolved informally, without the need to use the formal stages of the complaints procedure. Our school takes concerns seriously and will make every effort to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Please click on the link to open our complaints policy:

Complaints Policy

Making a complaint

Follow the school’s complaints procedure, (see the policy above).

Follow these steps in order:

Concerns should be raised with, either the class teacher, or headteacher. If the issue remains unresolved, the next step is to make a formal complaint.

Only move on to the next step if your complaint is not resolved.

  1. Complain in writing to the headteacher.
  2. Complain in writing to the school’s local governors.

You may not be able to complain direct to academies or free schools if you do not have a child at the school.

Complaints about admissions should be forwarded to our Admissions authority, Dorset Council.

After you’ve followed the school’s complaint process, you can complain to the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) if you’ve followed all the ‘Making a complaint’ steps.

Complaints about SEND provision:

If you want to complain about a school’s SEN support, you should do it while your child is still registered at the school.

This includes complaints that the school has not provided the support required by your child’s SEN statement or education, health and care (EHC) plan.

Follow these steps in order. Move on to the next step if your complaint is not resolved.

  1. Talk to the school’s special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).
  2. Follow the school’s complaints procedure.
  3. Complain to your local authority.

Complain to the Education Skills and Funding Agency instead of the local authority if both the following apply:

  • the school is an academy or free school
  • your complaint is not about an SEN statement or an EHC plan