Our School Day

 TLC 029
Please contact the school office via email office@3lxschool.com
School opens: 8.20am Peacock class
8.30am Skipper class
8.35am Gatekeeper class
8.40am Admiral class
8.45am Emperor class
(Older brothers and sisters may come at the earlier time)
School finishes 2.20pm Peacock class
2.30pm Skipper class
2.35pm Gatekeeper class
2.40pm Admiral class
2.45pm Emperor class
Breakfast club From 7.30am
After school club 5pm Mon-Thurs, 4pm Friday

Starting the day
School staff meet the children at the school gate for a staggered start.
Children who attend breakfast club, held in our school hall, may come in to school from 7.30pm onwards.
The children go directly to their classrooms to begin their learning with reading or a quick independent task.

Our children are able to keep hydrated with water throughout the learning day and access fruit before morning break.
Parents can purchase milk for their children, although children under 5 are able to access free milk. This is organised through the Cool Milk Scheme and forms are available at the office.

We provide healthy meals and children are able to choose suitable options from the menu. Jugs of drinking water and milk are available with hot meals.
Alternatively children may bring a healthy packed lunch in a suitable labelled container.

Free Meals
All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a free school lunch. If you receive income support your child may also be entitled to free lunches in Year 3 and 4. Please contact the school office for more information.

Ending the day
School staff say goodbye to the children at the staggered times at the school gate, as parents are ready to greet their children.

Religious Education and Assemblies
Our school has adopted the Dorset Agreed Syllabus for RE and we use this as the basis for our planning so that our provision links with the children’s other curriculum experiences. We promote the spiritual, moral and cultural growth of our pupils and aim to foster a sense of their own identity and worth as an individual through exploring their beliefs in relation to those of others.

Assemblies take place regularly and we enjoy singing together as a whole school or as key stages. Sometimes we welcome visitors to lead our assemblies and we always celebrate special events and festivals. Children are able to celebrate their own success in a ‘Well Done Assembly’ on Friday. Our children lead their class assemblies when parents and carers are invited to hear about our learning in the classroom.

Parents may withdraw their child from Religious Education and assemblies although both are based on an enquiry into the religious dimensions of life rather than being reflective on any particular faith position.