Our Local Governors

TLC 34

Our responsible body is the Heath Academy Trust, find out more about our trustees at:


Our Three Legged Cross First and Nursery School local governing committee members are:

Catherine Stevens          Chairperson, contact via office@3lxschool.com
Justine Horn                       Headteacher
Nikki Hearn                        Co-opted
Nigel Holt                            Co-opted
Maris O’Brien                    Co-opted
Andrew Risby                    Co-opted
Clare Sims                            Staff
Mojo Billington                 Parent
Ann Palmer                         Parent

Steph Everett is our local governing committee clerk. Please contact our clerk at s.everett@3lxschool.com or telephone the school office on 01202 822460. 

Business Interest Table – 3LX

Meeting Register LGC 3LX

Our scheme of delegation, which sets out our responsibilities is below:

015 HAT Scheme of Delegation 2020

The Heath Academy Trust statutory information is available here: