Our Admission Procedures

 TLC 183

Reception 2021
If you are looking for a reception class school place for September 2021, please email the school office (office@3lxschool.com) or telephone (01202 822460) to arrange a suitable time to look round our school safely. 

Our school welcomes children from 2 years old to our nursery and from 5 years (Reception) to 9 years (Year 4) to our main school.

Please come and look round.  We would be delighted to share our learning with you and for you to see our school in action.

Please contact the office via email on office@3lxschool.com to book an appointment.

Have a look at the Peacock (Reception) class room, by clicking on the link below:

We follow Dorset School Admission Policy. Please click on the links below:

Our admissions and appeals timetable is available at:

Admission forms are available from the  from the Local Authority Admissions Team on 01305 228509. Applications can be made online, follow this link:   http://www.dorsetforyou.com/schooladmissions

For school age children, there is one admission date each year. Children are admitted  in the September term of the year in which they are five.  Admissions to other year groups, at other times, may be considered in the event that there are available spaces in the requested year group.

If children are joining our reception class and have accepted a school place, a number of transition activities will be organised during the summer term, including: an individual meeting the headteacher; an individual meeting with the class teacher; ‘getting to know us’ sessions in the classroom and a chance to join us for a school lunch.

However, children are admitted to our nursery school provision from the age of two years. Our nursery school, offering term time care, operates as a nursery class within our school.

If you require a place at our nursery, please contact the school office to discuss your requirements. Settle sessions, where the parent and child stay at our nursery for a period of time together, must take place prior to starting. We will arrange a suitable, safe settle session so you and your child are comfortable starting our nursery. 

Have a look at our nursery by clicking on the short video below:

Older children who have moved into the area will be admitted to the school provided we have space in the appropriate year group.

Breakfast club is available from 7.30am.

After school care is available until 5pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday.

Breakfast club and after school care are available for all nursery and school age children.